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Website updated: 24th September 2015

What a jolly we had at Roots and Shoots, drinks and a private mooch around the wildlife garden!



Talks and Events - 2015

This month we've had a very jolly night of 'The Garden Society at home'. Over a drink we chatted about our successes and even showed off some of our favourite things. Sally Gainsborough made an appeal for donations of both money and plants (from a specific list) for a garden that she is helping renovate at St Mary's Newington, please let us know if you can help. Also Sally told us about an appeal for volunteer gardeners for the new flower garden in Kennington Park. It's hoped that a group will come together to keep it in great form throughout the year, again please let us know if you'd like to be involved.hope you are enjoying your gardens, we seem to be having a late burst of sunshine! 

Keep digging


 Kennington Park

I hope that you have all seen the new flower garden in Kennington Park. Having recently reopened after a massive refurbishment, the breath taking planting has to be seen. But it's not just the planting, but the pond, paving, seating and entrances, all encourage any visitor to take some time to sit and relax or even take some photos of some fine specimens.  

The friends of Kennington Park have yet again excelled themselves with all their hard work in supporting such a major transformation of the park, please go and see it before winter sets in! 

Please get in touch if you'd like to be part of the gardening team!

Next Talk October 8th 2015  

Having told you all at the last meeting, that John from Tomorrow's People has decided he's unable to do October's talk, we now have a speaker, thanks to our member Robyn Murdo-Smith. Tom O'Baioighail or 'The London Worm Man', is coming to speak on compost and worms. As you know worms are dear to my heart and my wormery has given our garden more food than it would ever have, left to my ordinary procedures. I know that Tom wants to share a lot with us - including bringing all sorts to show us and I know that he's worried that an hour isn't enough, so it's going to be a great and interesting night. Please come, have a drink and learn 'what really matters' about worms!

See you on the 8th!


 Marmalade in the making