Kennington Gardens Society

Programme & Show Handbook 2017




President:              His Worship, the Mayor of Lambeth


Chairman:                Johnny Male               Tel: 07976 435 364




Secretary:                              Mercia Gick

Treasurer:                              Christopher Jackson

Show Secretary:                       Kate Wauchope

Members Secretary:              Margaret Martin                                                                              

Fan Eustace

Helen Lees

Tricia Lees

Felicity Murdow-Smith

Robyn Murdow-Smith        



For membership contact:

Annual subscription: £10 per household



Programme and Show Handbook 2017


Spring Show Saturday 25th March 2017


St Anselm’s Church, Kennington Cross 

Show Admission £1.00p

The show opens at 2:30pm. 

Prize giving at 3:30pm

Bring & Buy, Plants, Cakes, Biscuits, Jams, Sweets, Bric a Brac.


Letter from our Chairman

2016 was no ordinary year, unless you turned off your radio, television, laptop, IPad and phone and stayed in your garden and wondered at the joy of our rooted friends - which was by far the best idea.

It wasn’t the best year either for roses (personally speaking) but fruit trees and a myriad of climbers all seemed to do very well, and due to a lack of super cold winters, less hardy plants flourished like Tree Ferns, Fuchsias, Pelargoniums and Penstemons. I even had Dahlias, which I had forgotten to over winter, bloom joyfully.

Huge thanks to Margaret who produced the marvellous calendars, they featured many photos submitted by our members, and have been  incredibly popular. I really hope that you will all remember to take lots of pictures during the course of this year for next year’s offering.

Thanks also to the committee for helping make a great Spring Show, we were worried about what would be in bloom at the time, but members came up trumps and the show was charming. So with that in mind, fingers crossed for the 25th March, please bring what you can, it makes the world of difference to the show.

The talks were tremendous and very well attended. Our own William Rallinson wetted our appetites to see the Kitchen Garden at Chiswick House, Anthony Noel teased and cajoled us to paint our pots vibrant colours and Letta Jones had us enthralled with plant hunting and the hunters. Not least the generous drinks and supper from the Friends of Kennington Park was a great start, before Amanda Rew’s guided walk around the lovely flower garden. So in all, it was a good year for the society.

I hope that you find this year’s monthly meetings interesting and don’t forget your entries for the Spring Show!

May 2017 be great for us all in our gardens, with the radio off in blissful ignorance’ Happy Gardening

Johnny                                                                                                                                                            3



Gardens Society Meetings & Events 2017

We hold our meetings at Roots & Shoots, Walnut Tree Walk, SE11.

Doors open at 7:00pm, talks start at 7:30pm, we aim to finish at 9pm. Visits start at 7pm.

Free to members, non-members welcome with a £2 charge.



February 9th                   Snow Drop Soiree

 March 9th          Dig for Victory looks at the period when England's gardens took on the might of Hitler's armies, by Russell Bowes

 March 25th                   The Spring Flower Show 2017

 April 6th          A talk by Tom, the worm man

 May 11th          The Society shares, come and bring a plant to share, some seedlings you’ve brought-on or propagated or a story to tell.

 June 8th           A visit to Chiswick House Kitchen Garden with drinks

 July 13th                    Making flower prints, a fun evening of take home art          with Louise Diggle.

 August 11th                  No Meeting

 September 14th          Alexander Crum Ewing, local foraging, talk and taste with our local rummaging expert.

 October 12th           The Annual General Meeting

 November 9th            A Christmas wreath demonstration by Mary at Windmill Row Florists

 December                   No Meeting


Roots & Shoots. 7:30 start.                                                                                                                                               


Spring Show details - 25th March 2017


St Anselm’s Church, Kennington Cross, SE11 5DU

Open 9:30 – 12:30pm for staging Exhibits. 1:00pm Judging.

2:30pm - open to the public. 3:00pm - prize giving. 3.30 Auction of exhibits

Admission £1.

Show Entry Fee - 50p per entry (maximum fee £5)




A  Growing Bulbs (grown in a container) 

1  Daffodils/Narcissi, two or more.

2  One bulb of any kind, including Hyacinth or Amaryllis.

3  More than one bulb of any kind, similar or mixed.


B  Cut Blooms

4  One stem of Daffodil or Narcissi, including multi-headed.

5  More than one stem of Daffodils or Narcissi, including multi-headed.

6  More than one stems of Tulips.

7  Tulip, one stem.

8  One flowering stem, other than Tulip or Daffodil / Narcissi.

9  More than one flowering stems, any kind other than Tulip or Daffodil /           Narcissi.


C  Growing Plants (see rule 4 on page 7)

10  One foliage plant (not Cactus or Succulent).

11  One flowering plant (not Cactus or Succulent).

12  One Cactus or Succulent.

13  A collection of mixed foliage and/or flowering plants for indoor or outdoor display, in any size container.


D Cut Shrubs

14  One or more kinds of shrub foliage.

15  One or more kinds of flowering shrubs.

16  One stem Camellia.

17  One stem flowering shrub (not camellia).                 


E  Floral Art (foliage may be included)

18  An arrangement of home-grown flowers Mothers Day.

20  A display of spring flowers, to be seen from the front (any container).

21  A collection of herbs and/or edible plants from your garden.


F  Children’s Open Class

22  A flower painting.

23  A garden poem.

24  A garden in an egg box.


G Cookery

25  Pot of home-made marmalade.

26  Pot of home-made chutney.

27  A bottle of homemade flavoured alcohol (eg Sloe Gin).

28  A modern sausage roll (own recipe).

29  A sponge of equal measures (made to the recipe overleaf).


H  Handicrafts

30  Hand-made article or garment – fabric, knitted, crocheted or embroidered.

31  A favourite garden/plant photo.

32  Any hand-made item, painting or drawing (non-textile).


 I  Open Class - Cut Bloom (any)



RECIPE for Class G.29

A sponge of equal measures


4 eggs

The weight of the 4 eggs in margarine or butter

The weight of the 4 eggs in sugar

The weight of the 4 eggs in self raising flour

Flavouring of choice


1.   Preheat oven to 160C / Gas 4

2.   Cream the butter and sugar

3.   Add an egg at a time to the creamed butter and sugar whilst whisking

4.   Add eggs and mix well, add the flavouring of choice

5.   Sift the flour and fold into the creamed mixture

Grease and flour two sandwich tins and divide the mixture between each tin.


Place in the warmed oven for approximately 40 minutes, checking towards the end that the sponge is not over baked.


When cooked, leave the sponges to cool, before turning onto wire racks to cool fully.


When fully cool, make a filling of choice.


Once filled, decorate the top of the cake with preferred butter cream icing and decorations.


Rules for the show


1. The Judge’s decision is final.

2. Competitors must be members of the Society or affiliated societies, except for children’s open classes. Exhibits by non-members in other classes are welcome, but will not be awarded prizes.

3. Exhibitors may enter more than one item into any individual class.

4. With the exception of flower arrangements, exhibits must have been grown by members or, in the case of plants, have been in their possession for at least eight weeks before the show. For floral art classes, flowers etc. need not be home-grown unless so stated. The arrangements may be prepared in the exhibition hall on the morning of the show. Space will be available for that purpose from 9:30am.

5. Exhibitors of cut flowers and foliage must supply their own containers. These need not be vases but any receptacles of suitable size. Those exhibiting pot plants are reminded that pots should always be clean and appropriate to the plants they contain.

6. Handicraft items which have already won prizes at previous shows may not be entered again.

7. Staging of exhibits will be between 9:30am and 12:30am on the day of the show. Entry forms are to be handed in to the relevant officers, and show cards must be collected and displayed with each exhibit by 12:30am. Exhibits where the entrant cannot be identified will not be judged. Judging will commence at 1.00pm by which time all exhibitors, other than organizers, must leave the hall. The show will open to the public at 2:30pm.

8. If there are too few entries in any single class, the committee reserves the right, with the Judge’s agreement, to group two appropriate classes together into a single class.

9. If the Judge considers it appropriate he/she may withhold First, Second or Third prizes, irrespective of the number of entries in any class.

10. Protests of any kind must be made in writing and handed to the Secretary not later than 3:00pm on the day of the show. The decision of the Committee will be final.

11. No exhibit may be removed from the show until after the prizes have been given. The Committee hopes that appropriate exhibits may be put up for auction for Society funds after the prize-giving.

12. Exhibitors are reminded that all property must be removed from the church by 4:45pm, as we must vacate the church by 5:00pm. Though every care will be taken, the Committee will not be responsible for loss or damage. Please ensure all containers are collected at the end of the show.

13. The Committee reserves the right of refusing any entry.

14. Exhibitors consent to photographs or digital images of their entries to be used at the discretion of the Committee, including publishing on websites. Suggestions for new classes in any of the groups are welcomed by the Committee.